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Home Inspection Services

Home Inspection

Home Inspections

For most of us, our home is our largest investment. It’s the same place that we raise our kids and create lasting memories with our family and friends. It’s for these reasons that home inspections, whether we are purchasing a newly built home, or buying from the current homeowners, are so crucial.

Roof Inspection

Roof Inspections

A homes’ roof is an incredibly important aspect to the structure and integrity of a house. Your roof is the first line of defense from harsh outside elements, including rain, hail and heavy winds. Over time these weather conditions, along with other outside influences can have a serious effect on the protection.

New Construction Inspections

New Construction Inspections

When a home is being built, it requires several crews to come together to make it happen. There is framing, electricians, plumbers, masons, and many other teams who each have their own role to play in the construction of a new home. With so many parts coming together, quality control can be difficult.

Plumbing Inspections

Anybody who has suffered from major issues with the plumbing system in their home can tell you first hand just how much it costs to fix. Faulty plumbing doesn’t just require a plumber to shut off the water to your home and replace piping, water damage causes mold and damages cabinets, flooring and virtually every other area that water seeps into. This is why when buying or selling a home, or just as a preventive measure every few years, many Baytown and Harris County residents have a professional plumbing inspector take a look at all aspects of the plumbing system to identify whether or not the plumbing is in solid condition.

HVAC Inspections

Summers in Texas can get hot and humid, and it’s during extreme weather like this that our HVAC system is worth its weight in gold. Having an inspection of your HVAC system performed keeps you in the loop as to the performance and condition of essential components that may need maintenance to avoid costly repairs down the road. Considering the affordable price of an HVAC inspection in Harris County, it makes far more sense for AAA Inspection Specialties to take a look at it than to spend thousands of dollars on replacing your unit.

About AAA Inspections

AAA Inspection Specialties Inc is a real estate inspection firm serving the East Houston, Baytown, Harris, Liberty, Crosby, and Chambers Counties since 1986.

AAA Inspection Specialties Inc was initially founded by Billy Plante to serve the residential and commercial real estate inspection needs of the area. Kevin Plante currently owns and operates the company.

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Real Reviews from Real Clients


S S.

We had Kevin do our inspection to our new home we are purchasing and we were so impressed with just how good he is at his job! He actually told us about the issues we told him about regarding the inspector that was hired by the buyers of our house and he went over it with us and explained it to us! He did not have to do that but is such a nice guy and you could tell he really cares about his customers and making sure they are informed. He brought real issues to us regarding the work that needs to be done in the house we are purchasing and we couldn't be happier. He told us everything that was an issue but told us only two issues really needed to be addressed with the current owner which we appreciated very much. He was referred to us and we are so glad that he was! I actually set him up on yelp so that people know where to go and who to trust regarding a home inspection!!! Great job Kevin and thanks!

Joseph Rodriguez

Kevin Plante did an outstanding job with our home inspection. He was very thorough and helpful with explaining all that he found to where we could easily understand. I highly recommend Kevin!


Jonathan Johnston

We used Kevin Plant for our inspection on our last home... he does an outstanding job and puts all information in terms that anyone can understand and also prioritizes them on relevance. He has also been an awesome asset to have when there are questions about code and grandfathered issues even after 2 years of the initial inspection. I highly recommend him for your inspection needs. Also he has great customer service skills.

Jeff Cokenour

Great inspection. Kevin was very professional and provided a detailed home and septic report with photographs. He even made suggestions for minor repairs and some preventive maintenance tips. I would absolutely use him again.

Jessica Sauceda

Very helpful!! Explanations regarding the inspection are thorough. Kevin is very responsive to any questions, he really knows what he is doing.

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